Guide to Visiting the Famous Tadami River Bridge Viewpoint

Tadami Line Viewpoint (4)I am often asked about how to reach the No. 1 Tadami River Bridge Viewpoint which has become the focus of spotlights across the world.


Taking a look at the beautiful photographs that can be taken there, it is easy to understand why people all around the world have fallen for this picturesque area.

When you begin to Google it, getting to the viewpoint can seem quite daunting, so I decided to make a guide on how & when to visit the Tadami River Bridge.

Visiting Via Public Transport

Tadami Line ViewpointThe Tadami River Bridge Viewpoint is a few minutes’ walk from Oze-Kaido Mishima-juku – a roadside station (known as ‘Michi no Eki’ in Japanese), which sells omiyage (souvenirs), snacks, and light meals. See here for a map of Mishima-juku.


Mishima-juku opens daily at 8:00am.


1.) Get to Aizu-Miyashita Station

  • To reach Mishima-juku, travel to Aizu-Miyashita Station, on the JR Tadami Line from Aizu-Wakamatsu Station to Aizu Miyashita Station.
  • See here for information on getting to Aizu-Wakamatsu Station from Tokyo, Sendai etc.


2.) Take the bus from Aizu-Miyashita Station to Mishima-juku

  • A commuter bus leaves Aizu Miyashita Station every day at 8:10 am, and arrives at Mishima-juku approximately 5 minutes later.
  • No booking is necessary for this bus.
  • Please pay the driver upon exiting the bus.
  • You can also walk to Mishima-juku from Aizu-Miyashita Station (approximately a 40-minute walk) but this route involves walking along roads without footpaths which can be dangerous so I highly recommend you take the bus or rent a car.


3.) Walk to the Viewpoints & Snap Away!mishima-juku-to-viewpoint

The various viewpoints are all a short walk uphill from Mishima-juku.

If facing Mishima-juku from the road, turn to the right and walk towards the tunnel. Before you get to the tunnel, take the foot path on the left hand side (there should be a sign with an arrow on it to guide you up the foot path. You can just about see this in the photo below).


4.) Take the Reservation-Only Bus Back from Mishima-juku

There are 2 buses a day that leave Mishima-juku, heading for Aizu Miyashita Staiton.

These buses must be reserved, and there are strict time deadlines for the reservations (see below).

To catch the bus that leaves at 10:20, you must reserve your spot by 9:00.

To catch the bus that leaves at 13:20, you must reserve your spot by 12:00.

You can make a reservation inside the Mishima-juku. Ask them for the bus reservation sheet  (In Japanese: Demando basu yoyaku moshikomisho onegaishimasu デマンドバス予約申込書をお願いします) and fill it in.

Below is an image of the application form from last year. It might look a little different this year. Click to see a bigger picture.

Tadami River Bridge Bus Reservation

  • Make sure to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the departure time.
  • Hand this form in when you get on the bus.
  • When returning to Aizu-Miyashita by bus, pay the driver upon exiting the bus.
  • This bus takes between 5 to 10 minutes.

Please be aware that neither the commuter bus to Mishima-juku, nor the reservation-only bus that leaves Mishima-juku run on Sundays or National Holidays.

For more information on catching these buses, take a look at this information provided by Oku Aizu


When to snap your photoswinter1

The most famous pictures taken at the Tadami River Bridge Viewpoint are those taken when the train carriage passes over the bridge.

The train that you can see from afar is passing between Aizu Nishikata Station and Aizu Hibara Station.

Below I’ve listed the times that you can view the trains passing over the Tadami Bridge.


Aizu Nishikata Station to Aizu Hibara Station

(Passing from left to right as seen from the viewpoint)

06:01 – 06:05
07:37 – 07:41
09:15 – 09:20
13:03 – 13:07
15:57 – 16:02

Aizu Hibara Station to Aizu Nishikata Station

(Passing from right to left)

07:21 – 07:25
09:03 – 09:07
14:23 – 14:27
18:13 – 18:17

*  These times are correct as of April 24 2019. See the rest of the timetable here.
There is a separate Winter Timetable so please check an up-to-date timetable for the JR Tadami Line in winter.

** I haven’t listed trains that leave later than 19:00, as you wouldn’t get a good view of the train regardless of the season

As you’re probably noticed from the info above, there is one public train that takes visitors to the viewpoint every day, which arrives nearby the viewpoint at 7:40. This means that visitors that visit Mishima-juku via the commuter bus cannot make it in time to see a number of the trains passing over the tracks.

For those who want to see these earlier trains (especially the extremely early 5:57 train which looks absolutely spectacular in the early morning summer mist), I recommend staying overnight in Miyashita Onsen town.

Staying in Miyashita Onsen

For those who would like to stay overnight in Miyashita in order to see the first train cross over the Tadami Bridge, take a look at the accommodation information listed below: (These ryokan have some experience with guests from abroad)

  • Miyashita Onsen Eikokan
  • Miyashita Onsen Furusato-so
  • Okuaizu Nonbirikan (website here)

See Oku Aizu’s website for more information about local ryokan.

About the JR Tadami Line

The JR Tadami Line crosses approximately 135km of beautiful Japanese countryside, passing through 36 stations along the way.

Due to damage it received during the 2011 earthquake, there is a replacement bus that runs between Aizu Kawaguchi Station and Tadami Station (correct as of April 2019).


Holders of the JR Rail Pass can ride on both the Tadami Line and the replacement bus service!

Other links:

I made an English-language tourist map of Mishima Town (Miyashita Onsen & Hayato Onsen). Click the image below to see a bigger map!


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22 thoughts on “Guide to Visiting the Famous Tadami River Bridge Viewpoint

  1. I’ve only been here once before by car (someone drove for me) and I really really wanna come again. Too bad it takes a lot of time to visit from where I live now by public transport. Thanks for the guide, maybe I can try next time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello. I’m planning to come here in January 2019. I’m wondering if there are any taxis at all from AIZU-MIYASHITA STATION and from MISHIMA-JUKU?

    If i stay overnight at Miyashita Onsen, how can i get to Mishima-Juku early enough to catch the passing 5/7am trains, because the bus only leaves at 7:35am? Or i must walk or catch taxi?

    I hope you can help me 🙂


    1. Hi Daryl! I just replied to your email.
      There are taxis, but also, if you stay at Eikokan ryokan, you can tell them at the time of booking the day and time that you’d like to visit the Mishima Juku view spot, and they will drive you there! You can take the bus back or walk. (It takes about 30 minutes to walk back to central Aizu Miyashita because it’s mostly downhill)


  3. Hi,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this article! It’s very informative.

    We’re thinking of visiting this region when we’re over there in January 2019, however, we’ll have our 2 young ones (a 3 year old and a 1 year old). Just wondering if the path to the lookout is stroller friendly and if not, do you think it will be too difficult to carry the 2 kids up with us? Is it very steep?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tien, thank you for your comment.

      I’m sorry that my reply has taken a little while.

      There are 3 viewpoints very close to each other (I believe they’re called Viewpoint A, B, C & D). Viewpoint A is on the side of the road (but you can’t see much). Once you begin the walk to Viewpoint B, the path can be muddy and there aren’t necessarily steps to climb up. It would be difficult for a 1 year old, but your 3 year old child might find the walk ok. Viewpoint B has a very good view, and is a short walk from Oze-Kaido Mishima-juku. It should be fine for you to carry the 2 kids with you if necessary. There is also a bench at Viewpoint B. From there, the path gets steeper and longer without breaks. So i would say that Viewpoint C & D might be a bit difficult to get to while carrying 2 kids. The views from Viewpoint B are worth the visit though!

      here is a map of the layout of the viewpoints:


      1. Thank you so much for your reply and no need to apologise! I think it would be worthwhile visiting the view point too.

        Another thing I was wondering was whether the trains on the Tadami line still operate during periods of heavy snowfall in winter? We are very keen to travel the region, however, we do need to get back to Tokyo and it would be a concern if we were stuck there for longer than a few days and unable to get back.


      2. Hi Tien!
        Thank you for the comment.
        A lot of snow falls every winter in this area, so the Tadami Line runs at a slower speed to ensure its safe operations, so the timetables change a little in winter.

        Of course, if there is LOADS of snow (i.e. an unusually large amount), then there’s a chance that trains might be delayed or cancelled. But the area is used to running the trains in the normal level of snow that hits the area every year.

        The same thing applies to Tokyo – Shinkansen and local lines run during the winter unless there is an unusual amount of snow. Japan’s public transportation is pretty reliable so fingers crossed you won’t have any problems!


  4. Hello and thank you for your articles, I found some interesting information for my next trip!

    I have a question about going to Mishima-juku. In the article, you say we can walk from Aizu-Miyashita Station (~40 minutes) but when checking on Google Map, I see that they’re connected by the Numata Highway which doesn’t seem very safe to walk on (no sidewalk available).

    Is it the only road to reach Mishima-juku?


    1. Hello, thank you for the comment.

      You’re right – the 40 minute walk to Mishima-juku from Aizu-Miyashita Station is mainly walking along roads including the Numata Highway that don’t have sidewalks. I will update this blog to include that information. This is the only main road to Mishima-juku and other roads would take you on a huge and time-consuming detour. I recommend you take the buses highlighted in the blog entry, or take a taxi from your ryokan if you stay overnight.


  5. Hi, thank you for sharing this article. You mentioned that I could rent a car to get to the viewpoint. May I know where could I park safely and legally and ascend to the various viewpoints?


  6. Thanks for the great information. We are planning to visit tadami line this christmas 2019. Could you give some recommendations places to stay overnight. We want to watch the train and some sightseeing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Yenny, thanks for your comment. I’m really happy to hear you’re planning on visiting this Christmas time! Here are some recommendations for places to stay overnight.

      In Mishima Town:
      – Miyashita Onsen Eikokan
      – Miyashita Onsen Furusato-so
      – Sokokashiko Guest House
      – Okuaizu Nonbirikan

      In Hayato Onsen (pretty rural, so I recommend a car. You can go by train but there aren’t many regular trains, and no combini / food stores within a close distance.)
      – Ittogashi Guest House: (English information here:

      Yanaizu Town:
      Hotel Kawachi

      Kaneyama Town:

      See Oku Aizu’s website for more information about local ryokan and hotels in a number of towns in wider Okuaizu area:

      Depending on the location of the guesthouse / hotel, it might be better to travel by rental car, so please check the location of the guest house before you book!


  7. Thank you for the detailed article.

    I am planning to visit Tadami this month.
    Do you have any photos taken from the viewpoint without zooming in ? I just wanted to know what sort of lens I should carry.


  8. Hello, thank you for the article it really helps me. I’m planning to visit Tadami River view point in January 2020. I’ll come from tokyo and planning to visit Yamagata too as a day trip. So my plan is staying overnight at Koriyama – Visit Tadami River – Go to Yamagata – staying overnight at Yamagata and back to Tokyo in the morning, do you think it’s possible? Or if It isn’t, If I just want to cross the Tadami River by train (not visiting the viewpoint area) which train I should take?
    Thank you


    1. Hi Lina, thank you for the comment. I’m happy to hear you’re planning on visiting the Tadami Line.

      – If I just want to cross the Tadami River by train, which train I should take?
      If you just want to cross the river by train, you need to ride the Tadami Line train from Aizu-Wakamatsu Station to Aizu-Miyashita Station. (You can go further if you like, but to cross the No. 1 Tadami River Bridge, you need to take the train between Aizu-Nishikata and Aizu-Miyashita.

      – So my plan is staying overnight at Koriyama – Visit Tadami River – Go to Yamagata – staying overnight at Yamagata and back to Tokyo in the morning, do you think it’s possible?
      It depends what you want to see in Yamagata Prefecture, and what area of Yamagata you are going to. Because the Tadami Line trains take quite a long time, and the timetables aren’t regular, you may arrive in Yamagata City late in the afternoon. The sun sets very early during winter (4:00pm) . so you might not get much time to explore Yamagata City.

      If you plan to go somewhere more rural in Yamagata Prefecture, it might be more difficult to go there and go to Tokyo the next morning. i think it would be best to give yourself more time.


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