Fukushima Travel: New Website!

This is actually my 150th post on Rediscover Fukushima! It seems fitting that the timing worked out like this, but I actually have an exciting announcement to make.

I started this blog in September 2016 because there wasn’t a lot of information available online in English about Fukushima Prefecture, which meant people around the world didn’t know about the amazing places the prefecture has to offer.

I’ve spent over 3 years researching, visiting, and writing up notes about the best places in the prefecture, and have been sharing information about what makes them so special, and how to get there.

My office also has been sharing information on our Facebook Page, and website.

I’m excited to announce that we have been working to renew our website, and have changed it completely so that it is now a lot easier to find info about travelling in Fukushima. Our website is available in 4 languages! (English, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese).

We still have a couple of pages to work on, but for the most part the website is up and running. We even have pages with itinerary ideas (Which we will be adding to in the coming weeks. Our new site can even be used as a blogging platform.

Okuaizu Area Day Trip Itinerary

It’s always been the main aim of myself, and my office, to make information about Fukushima as engaging, clear, and easy to find as possible. For this reason, we will be merging the content from Rediscover Fukushima with the new website. This way, travellers looking for travel tips will be able to find all the information they need in one place.

I know this will be a surprise to some of my amazing followers who have been reading my posts for years. I have been reading through all of my old blogs, selecting the best ones (the articles with the most views, likes, and comments) and am moving them over to a blog page on the new site.

I’m currently in the middle of moving over the articles at the moment, so there are some layout issues to iron out, but in general, the content of my posts will be basically the same on the new site. They’ll be displayed either as Guides, or Destination Reports!

Articles on my impressions about places I’ve visited are listed as ‘Destination Reports’

That means you will still be able to refer back to your favourite articles – they’ll just be located on a different website.

Articles filled with practical information on visiting a location are listed as ‘Guides’

I’m even planning on adding a Rediscover Fukushima hashtag to make them easier to find.

Also, while there isn’t a “comment” function on our new site, there is a Inquiry Form, which links to my office. So we can still answer any questions you might have about any of my articles.

Keeping all my old posts on both this site, as well as on the new website, means having information published in 2 places at the same time. This makes it difficult for travellers to find information through search engines.

For this reason, my blog will be closing in August this year, and all new posts from now on will be published on our new site.

It’s not possible to move all the articles over to our new site. So, if there any posts you might like to refer to in the future, please download these by August!

Thank you so much for always supporting me, my blog, and Fukushima, and I hope you enjoy our new site and continue to follow our adventures there!


2 thoughts on “Fukushima Travel: New Website!

  1. Thanks a lot for your hard works for this site and your love to our pref.
    I feel This site is great as much as holy fire relays for Olympic Games.
    I wish your new site is going well and you continue happy adventures all through our pref.
    See you soon.


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