Hanamiyama in Full Bloom

After hearing so much about Hanamiyama, the spectacular park that overlooks the Azuma mountain range, I had been looking forward to seeing it in the springtime, in all of its glory. During the spring, Hanamiyama, and the surrounding scenery, explodes with colour and beauty. I have always associated the Japanese custom of hanami (flower viewing)Continue reading Hanamiyama in Full Bloom

Hanami & Hope in Tomioka

The Sakura Tunnel, made up of 400 cherry blossom trees that line Tomioka’s Yo no Mori district, made the area a well-known hanami (flower-viewing) spot. However, following 3.11, the fantastic cherry trees could no longer be enjoyed in the springtime. That all changed this April. This April, for the first time in 7 years, visitors haveContinue reading Hanami & Hope in Tomioka

Fruit Picking at Anzai Orchard

Three of the most well-known things about Fukushima Prefecture are its samurai history, its onsen and its fruit. In particular, its peaches are extremely famous. Fukushima Prefecture is the second biggest producer of peaches in the whole of Japan. In 2015, 21.8% of Japan’s peaches were grown in Fukushima! In Fukushima City, there is aContinue reading Fruit Picking at Anzai Orchard