Komine-jo & Japan’s Oldest Park

As well as the wide-eyed, adorable-yet-slightly-unnerving Shirakawa Daruma, Shirakawa City in Fukushima is also well-known as a cherry blossom viewing spot, and as an area with long history. Definitely consider Shirakawa City’s Komine-jo Castle and Nanko Park as places to visit during this year’s cherry blossom viewing season! Komine-jo Castle Komine-jo Castle, which overlooks Shirakawa City, was builtContinue reading Komine-jo & Japan’s Oldest Park

5 Reasons to Visit Sazae-do

Sazae-do is a very special Buddhist temple. Constructed in 1796 entirely from wood, Sazae-do has a double-helix structure, meaning that those who enter Sazae-do will leave the building without encountering anybody traveling in the opposite direction. The one-way route of Sazae-do was introduced to avoid worshippers being disturbed during prayer. Originally there were 33 Buddhist statues (known asContinue reading 5 Reasons to Visit Sazae-do

Ouchi-juku Snow Festival

Ouchi-juku’s breathtaking snow festival is held on the 2nd weekend of February every year in Ouchi-juku, Minamiaizu. Ouchi-juku is a town with a rich history, and is well known having been used as a ‘post-town’ for travellers during the Edo period. The area includes 33 buildings which have been painstakingly preserved as they were hundreds ofContinue reading Ouchi-juku Snow Festival