On October 13th (Friday), Koriyama City’s Daijingu Shrine will be transformed for the night into a brightly lit stage where 3 types of traditional Japanese performance arts will be performed; Rakugo, Wazuma, and Nogai Opera.


Rakugo (落語) is, simply-put, a one-man comedy act. The story-teller sits on a zabuton seat, with nothing in their hands but perhaps a hand-towel and fan. They use these items to tell a story, finishing with a punchline (ochi – 落ち), acting out the roles of every character by themselves.


On October 13th, a translating device will project English-language subtitles on the walls of the shrine, so that even those who don’t understand Japanese can follow the rakugo story. This is a good opportunity for non-Japanese visitors to go and see rakugo for the first time!

Wazuma(和妻)is a type of traditional Japanese magic act, performed using simple, everyday items. Unlike magicians in the west, wazuma performers wear lavishly-decorated kimono – it’s definitely worth checking out!


Event Details


October 13th 2017 (Friday)


Kaiseizan Daijingu Shrine


18:30 – 20:00



Leaflet available here: Leaflet