This April, Fukushima Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association is launching a new project called the ‘Web Translation Service’ and we’re looking for volunteers.

The project is recruiting for our Volunteer Translator Community.

Applicants must be native English speakers with at least the equivalent of N3 level Japanese (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), who want to improve their English-to-Japanese translation skills. You must currently live – or have lived – in Fukushima Prefecture to be eligible to apply.チラシ png

The aim of the Web Translation Service is to increase the amount of English language signs, posters, menus, timetables etc. in Fukushima Prefecture by offering a service whereby local businesses and organisations can have documents translated by native speakers.

We’re looking for volunteers who are interested in Japanese-to-English translation, who can spare some time every month to translation for this project. The role is unpaid but we’ll hold a thank-you party to show our gratitude to our Volunteer Translator Community!

Please see the poster for more details about this project.

If you’re interested, please register your information at the Google Form link below and you will be contacted close to the start of the project.

Google Form Application Form