Enichi-ji Temple & More: Bandai Town’s Amazing History

I recently visited Enichi-ji, a temple in Bandai Town. The temple was founded about 1200 years ago at the foot of Mt Bandai, but was destroyed and abandoned during the early Meiji period, when there was a widespread movement to abolish Buddhism in favour of Shintoism. Although the various buildings included in the temple groundsContinue reading Enichi-ji Temple & More: Bandai Town’s Amazing History

Tenkyokaku – Meiji Dress-up & Curry Buns

Tenkyokaku, a lavishly decorated former Japanese villa, lies hidden away in dense foliage surrounding Lake Inawashiro. Imperial Prince Arisugawa Takehito decided to build Tenkyokaku after being impressed by Lake Inawashiro’s beauty during a visit to Tohoku, and named it Tenkyokaku 天鏡閣 (The Palace of Heaven’s Mirror) – The palace beside a lake so deep, clear and blue thatContinue reading Tenkyokaku – Meiji Dress-up & Curry Buns