Hanamiyama in Full Bloom

After hearing so much about Hanamiyama, the spectacular park that overlooks the Azuma mountain range, I had been looking forward to seeing it in the springtime, in all of its glory. During the spring, Hanamiyama, and the surrounding scenery, explodes with colour and beauty. I have always associated the Japanese custom of hanami (flower viewing)Continue reading Hanamiyama in Full Bloom

Hanami & Hope in Tomioka

The Sakura Tunnel, made up of 400 cherry blossom trees that line Tomioka’s Yo no Mori district, made the area a well-known hanami (flower-viewing) spot. However, following 3.11, the fantastic cherry trees could no longer be enjoyed in the springtime. That all changed this April. This April, for the first time in 7 years, visitors haveContinue reading Hanami & Hope in Tomioka