5 Reasons to Visit Sazae-do

Sazae-do is a very special Buddhist temple. Constructed in 1796 entirely from wood, Sazae-do has a double-helix structure, meaning that those who enter Sazae-do will leave the building without encountering anybody traveling in the opposite direction. The one-way route of Sazae-do was introduced to avoid worshippers being disturbed during prayer. Originally there were 33 Buddhist statues (known asContinue reading 5 Reasons to Visit Sazae-do

Praying at a Shinto Shrine

Iwaki Yumoto Onsen has been famous for its onsen (natural thermal baths) for 1200 years. Although I did not have a chance to hunt for fossils, I stayed at Koito Ryokan overnight, and got to experience the town’s legendary onsen first-hand. Iwaki Yumoto Onsen town’s hot springs are special due to their long history and the healing properties ofContinue reading Praying at a Shinto Shrine