Here is a step-by-step guide for visiting 3 hanami spots in Fukushima as a day trip from Tokyo, using only public transport!

1. Hanamiyamasugoi-hanamiyama

A beautiful park on a hill overlooking the Azuma mountain range, Hanamiyama Park is filled with a spectacular variety of blossom every spring. Read more about Hanamiyama Park here.

Tokyo to Hanamiyama Park


Get the Shinkansen from Tokyo (or Ueno) Station and get off at Fukushima Station.

Seasonal buses run from Fukushima Station directly to Hanamiyama Park during the peak season (April 1st to 23rd 2017). These buses leave every 30 minutes from Fukushima Station East Exit Bus Stop 6.

It takes around 15 minutes to reach Hanamiyama Park’s bus stop, from where you a 10 minute walk will bring you to the park.


Hanamiyama Park to Fukushima Station

2Take the seasonal bus back to Fukushima Station.

2. Takizakura


One of Japan’s three oldest cherry blossom trees, Takizakura is huge and magnificent. This weeping cherry tree’s name translates into English as ‘Waterfall Cherry Blossom’.

Fukushima Station to Takizakura

3Either take the Shinkansen to Koriyama Station (quick but expensive) or the Tohoku Line train.

4From Koriyama Station take the Bandai Higashi Line (磐梯東線) train to Ono Niimachi. The train or display board will have the following written on it: 小野新町行 meaning ‘Headed for Ono Niimachi’.

Get off the train at the station closest to Takizakura, Miharu Station. From there, visitors can travel by taxi, or take advantage of the Takizakura temporary bus that travels between Takizakura and Miharu Station during the spring.

*Tip* The trains run regularly but they finish quite early (the last train on the way there finishes at around 3:30 on weekdays, and on the return journey at around half 4), so make sure to check time tables on the day you travel.

3. Kaiseizan Park


Known as Japan’s oldest public park, Kaiseizan Park is a beautiful place to take a strong on a spring afternoon.


Takizakura to Kaiseizan

5Take the seasonal bus back to Miharu Station, and then the Bandai Higashi Line train for Koriyama Station. From outside of Koriyama Station, catch a bus heading for the City Hall / Test Center via Shibamiya  (Look out for this kanji: 市役所・柴宮経由免許センター). Get off at Kaiseizan, which should be about 13 minutes into your journey!


Journey Home

Kaiseizan to Tokyo