Day 1

Fukushima Station

Information on accessing Fukushima Station from Tokyo

Jododaira Hike

From Jododaira Rest House, you can choose from a number of hikes – from the 1 hour course that circles the volcanic crater of Mt Azuma Kofuji, to longer courses that pass through beautiful marshes and make their way to Mt Issaikyo. The trekking courses are well marked. Don’t forget to buy an ice cream from the rest house on the way back!

Fruit Picking (Iizaka Onsen)

There are so many orchards lining the stunning Fruit Line in Iizaka Onsen that in the spring and summer you’ll be spoilt for choice about where to visit. Many orchards offer pick-your-own experiences.

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Exploring Iizaka Onsen by foot

A tiny, magical onsen town, filled with interesting shops, stunning architecture and amazing onsen hot spring baths, all connected together via winding streets. Especially beautiful at night time. Make sure to try the local delicacy enban gyoza!

Accommodation: Iizaka Onsen

Day 2

Nakano Fudoson

Picturesque zen temple with over 800 years of history. There is a lot to see and do at this temple, located closed by to Iizaka Onsen town. Definitely worth stopping by.

Adatarayama Hike

One of the Top 100 mountains in Japan. Take the rope way up from Adataram Kogen Resort and hike your way to the peak for amazing views, and chance to see ‘the real sky’. Real more about my experience hiking Mt Adatara here.

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Exploring Dake Onsen

Another very kitsch onsen town with sloping streets and nice archicture. Definitely worth exploring.

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Accommodation: Dake Onsen

Day 3

Kasumiga-jo Park

A beautiful, very large park with lots of walking routes to explore. Expect great views of traditional Japanese gardens, picturesque lakes and a lovely Japanese tea house – open for business during cherry blossom season and chrsantehmum season!

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Tamura’s Limestone Caves

Continue to Tamura City, home to extensive lime stone caves formed over 80 million years! If visiting Fukushima in the summer, a journey down in Abukuma-do cave will definitely cool you down. There is a adventure course (boken course) for those looking for a route with more twists, turns and low ceilings.

If you want even more of a challenge, nearby stands Mizuirishonyudo, a cave you can look around if you’re willing to get very wet and potentially meet some bats!

  • More information about Abukuma-do here


Koriyama Station / Fukushima Station

Finish your trip at Koriyama Station or Fukushima Station and take the Shinkansen