The information below is accurate as of April 1 2019.

Highway Buses between Sendai Airport and Fukushima / Aizu-Wakamatsu are run by Fukushima Transportation (福島交通) and Aizu Bus (会津バス).

The bus leaves from the Highway Bus Stop (高速バス停留所) outside the airport. See here for a map.

Price (One-Way)

      Sendai Airport
    Fukushima City 1600 yen
  Nihonmatsu Bus Stop 500 yen 2100 yen
Aizu-Wakamatsu City 1400 yen 1800 yen 3300 yen

You don’t need to reserve seats on the highway bus. You can pay for tickets on the bus. Pay at the end of your journey.

You can buy 4 tickets at a time for a discount. This is perfect for people travelling with a friend who are both going to make the return journey.  You can buy these at counters near the bus stops, or in the bus. (It’s called “Senyo Kaisuken専用回数券”)

This bus runs every day.

Bus Timetable: Sendai Airport to Fukushima

Station Bus No.1 Bus No.2 Bus No.3
Sendai Airport (仙台空港) 9:32 13:52 16:57
Fukushima Station (East Exit) 福島駅東口 11:35 15:55 19:00
Nihonmatsu Bus Station 二本松BS 12:08 16:28 19:33
Aizuwakamatsu Station* 会津若松駅前 13:03 17:23 20:28
Tsurugajo Castle Godochosha* 鶴ヶ城合同庁舎前 13:13 17:33 20:38

*Alighting only

Bus Timetable: Fukushima to Sendai Airport

Station Bus No.1 Bus No.2 Bus No.3
Tsurugajo Castle Godochosha** 鶴ヶ城合同庁舎前 7:50 9:30 12:30
Aizuwakamatsu Station** 会津若松駅前 8:00 9:40 12:40
Nihonmatsu Bus Station 二本松BS 8:57 10:37 13:37
Fukushima Station (East Exit) 福島駅東口 9:29 11:09 14:09
Sendai Airport (仙台空港) 11:32 13:12 16:12

** Boarding only