Reaching Iwaki from Tokyo

Take the Hitachi-Tokiwa Limited Express train (ひたち・ときわ特急) from Tokyo Station or Ueno Station straight to Iwaki Station.

This train costs around 6000 yen, and takes just over 2 hours 15 minutes.

Reaching Iwaki from Koriyama City

Take the Ban’etsu East Line from Koriyama Station to Iwaki Station. This train takes 1 hour 45 minutes, and costs just over 1600 yen per way.

Travelling to Iwaki Yumoto Station

Many of the sightseeing spots in Iwaki are concentrated around Iwaki Yumoto, an onsen town. See below:

places to visit in iwaki (6)

If coming from Tokyo, you would reach Iwaki Yumoto Station as one of the stops on the Hitachi-Tokiwa Limited Express line to Iwaki.

If travelling from Koriyama, or elsewhere in Fukushima Prefecture, you can take either the Hitachi-Tokiwa train between Iwaki Station & Iwaki Yumoto Station (which costs 950 yen), or the Joban Line (which costs 200 yen). Both lines take the same amount of time.

Reaching Iwaki by Car

Take the Tohoku Expressway to Koriyama.

At Koriyama Higashi IC, swap from the Tohoku Expressway to the Banetsu Expressway. You can take this round all the way to Iwaki.

Switch from the Banetsu Expressway to the Joban Expressway at Iwaki JCT (Junction). Then take the exit also confusingly labelled Iwaki Chuo IC.

Central Iwaki will take around 10 minutes from the IC.

Renting a Car in Iwaki

There are a number of Rental Car companies near Iwaki Station, such as a JR Rent-a-Car, Nippon Rent-a-Car, Times Rental etc.

You need a car to get to some sightseeing spots in Iwaki (unless you’d like to face the local buses!) These include: