History of Dekoyashiki Craft District

Last week I visited Takashiba Dekoyashiki – somewhere that I have wanted to visit since first coming to Fukushima! “Takashiba Dekoyashiki” is the name given to a group of 4 residences-turned-museums-and-shops that make traditional crafts in Takashiba district of Koriyama City. Each of these 4 residences is open for the public to come and visitContinue reading History of Dekoyashiki Craft District

Local Delicacies from Fukushima: Weird & Wonderful

Hi everyone! This is the third post in this series about local culinary specialities from Fukushima Prefecture. This week, I’ll be writing about some dishes that might not necessarily come to mind when you think of Japanese food. That being said, for people like me who have been in Japan for a while now, it’sContinue reading Local Delicacies from Fukushima: Weird & Wonderful