Komine-jo & Japan’s Oldest Park

As well as the wide-eyed, adorable-yet-slightly-unnerving Shirakawa Daruma, Shirakawa City in Fukushima is also well-known as a cherry blossom viewing spot, and as an area with long history. Definitely consider Shirakawa City’s Komine-jo Castle and Nanko Park as places to visit during this year’s cherry blossom viewing season! Komine-jo Castle Komine-jo Castle, which overlooks Shirakawa City, was builtContinue reading Komine-jo & Japan’s Oldest Park

Tenkyokaku: Meiji aristocracy, dress-up, and curry buns

Hidden away in dense foliage surrounding Lake Inawashiro, Fukushima lies Tenkyokaku. Tenkyokaku is a lavishly decorated former villa. Imperial Prince Arisugawa Takehito decided to build Tenkyokaku after being impressed by the beauty of Lake Inawashiro during a visit to the Tohoku District. In fact, that is where the former villa gets its name. Tenkyokaku 天鏡閣 translates as “TheContinue reading Tenkyokaku: Meiji aristocracy, dress-up, and curry buns