History of Dekoyashiki Craft District

Last week I visited Takashiba Dekoyashiki – somewhere that I have wanted to visit since first coming to Fukushima! “Takashiba Dekoyashiki” is the name given to a group of 4 residences-turned-museums-and-shops that make traditional crafts in Takashiba district of Koriyama City. Each of these 4 residences is open for the public to come and visitContinue reading History of Dekoyashiki Craft District

Tsurugajo Castle & the Meiji Restoration

Tsurugajo Castle is a popular spot to visit among tourists coming to Fukushima. Whether you’re discovering the samurai history of Aizu Wakamatsu City in the castle museum, relaxing while taking a sip of freshly-prepared matcha at Rinkaku Tea Ceremony Rooms, or snapping some photos from the observatory on the top floor of the castle, TsurugajoContinue reading Tsurugajo Castle & the Meiji Restoration

Make Your Own Glass Souvenirs at the World Glassware Hall

After visiting it a few weeks ago, I would say that Inawashiro’s World Glassware Hall (世界のガラス館) is pretty underrated as a spot for tourists to visit. The World Glassware Hall exhibits over 25,000 items of carefully designed and handcrafted glass from all around the world. A majority of the glassware on display is for sale,Continue reading Make Your Own Glass Souvenirs at the World Glassware Hall

Shoko Kanazawa Calligraphy Art Museum in Iwaki

The Shoko Kanazawa Art Museum in Iwaki City is home to many fantastic pieces of calligraphy created by Shoko Kanazawa, an artist who was born with Down syndrome. The art museum shares its location with a kimono museum called Kimononoyakata Marusan (which contains the world’s largest kimono!) and a beautiful garden inspired by the traditionalContinue reading Shoko Kanazawa Calligraphy Art Museum in Iwaki

10 Things to Do at the Abukuma-do Caves

Formed over 80 million years by underground streams and covered with stalactites and stalagmites are the Abukuma-do Caves. This 3km limestone cave network was discovered in 1969, and subsequently 600m of it has been opened to the public. The Abukuma-do caves are said to hold the biggest variety and number of stalactites in Asia. EachContinue reading 10 Things to Do at the Abukuma-do Caves