Kayaking in Urabandai

I had an amazing time trying out kayaking on Lake Sohara, Urabandai! Lake Sohara is one of many gorgeous areas in Urabandai included in Bandai Asahi National Park. Urabandai is a great area of Fukushima for trying out water sports in the summer, and is also ideal for both hikers and cyclists in the spring,Continue reading Kayaking in Urabandai

Aquamarine Fukushima

Aquamarine Fukushima is a fun, thought-provoking aquarium and research centre in Iwaki. Aquamarine Fukushima educates visitors about the marine animals and ecosystems found in oceans, rivers, streams, seashores, and even rice paddies, through a wide range of displays. From ‘living fossils’ – ocean creatures whose genes have hardly changed since ancient times – to recentlyContinue reading Aquamarine Fukushima