Tree Climbing in Japan

I spent an afternoon high up in the branches of an absolutely huge tree. I wasn’t dreaming, nor was I channeling the three-eyed raven. I was having a lesson in tree-climbing (in Japanese, of course) in Tamura City, Fukushima.   Kubo san’s Tree Climbing Vision I wrote earlier this year about Miyakoji, in Tamura –Continue reading Tree Climbing in Japan

Handayama’s Heart Lake

As the long, hot summer days continue, I thought I’d write about a spring time hike I went on this year to Handayama, to the north of Fukushima! In the springtime, the picturesque heart-shaped lake at Handayama bursts into shades of pink and pastel. Bordered with stunning sakura in the spring, Handa Pond (Handa Numa)Continue reading Handayama’s Heart Lake