Half-Price Ski Passes & Snow Shoe Trekking?!

Hi everyone! The weather in Fukushima is slowly getting less freezing, which means 2 things…

  • That Hanami season is drawing near!!
  • That this year’s ski season is almost over! 😦

I’ve actually injured my wrist so haven’t been able to go skiing or snowboarding this year. That being so, I want to make sure anybody interested in winter sports in Fukushima has information about what kind of things they can experience!

I recently learned about Urabandai Tourism’s deals for international tourists so this is just a short blog post to showcase them here a little bit!

Until March 31, visitors from overseas can get pretty good deals on winter activities including snow shoe trekking, ice fishing and “airboarding” (sledding on inflatable body boards) when they book accommodation at specific hotels and B&Bs in the area.

I absolutely loved going snow shoe trekking in this area, so I really recommend it.


Not only can visitors from overseas try out snow activities for discounted prices, they can also half price off 1-Day lift tickets at a couple of the biggest ski resorts in the area, as long as they stay at one of the accommodation facilities specified on their website.

It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants an excuse to stay come and ski in one of the most beautiful areas of Fukushima, but also for it’s a good chance for people coming to Fukushima to choose not just from big hotels but also from small family-run bed and breakfast facilities that they might not know about otherwise!

Make sure to check out Urabandai Tourism Association’s homepage about the various activities, hotels etc. There’s information about the suitable age range for various activities, and also about how to go about making bookings. I think that most bookings are done via directly emailing the appropriate place.

Although some of the ski resorts aren’t part of the half-price campaign deal that Urabandai Tourism Association is launching, Aizu Ski Japan has some good basic information about skiing in Japan and has maps to help you get a good idea of what type of facilities there are and where they’re located in the prefecture. Here’s the website.

Also, here’s a blog entry I wrote earlier on in the winter about skiing in Fukushima.

If you’ve been skiing in Fukushima this year, or you have taken part in this awesome half-price campaign, please comment and let me know how it was!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of Japan’s beautiful winter! And I really hope you are all looking forward to hanami cherry blossom season photos!

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2 thoughts on “Half-Price Ski Passes & Snow Shoe Trekking?!

  1. This information is really good and would be great to have more links for snowboarding, lift pass details and hotels and accomodation near to the ski resorts that are less busy and still have that cultural Japanese feel.


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