Lake Inawashiro’s Shibuki-Gori Ice Sculptures

The best time for going to see the picturesque naturally-forming ice sculptures, known as ‘shibuki-gori‘ is swiftly approaching! Lake Inawashiro is one of the only places in Japan where you can see shibuki-gori, so make sure to pay Lake Inawashiro a visit this winter! What is Shibuki-Gori? Shibuki-gori literally translates into English as ‘ice spray’.Continue reading Lake Inawashiro’s Shibuki-Gori Ice Sculptures

Yanaizu Naked Man Festival: What You Need to Know

Introducing the Yanaizu Naked Man Festival On the evening of January 7th every year, crowds of men, dressed only in loincloths, get ready for Yanaizu’s Naked Man festival or Hadaka Mairi (Literally translates as ‘Naked Temple Visit’). They cleanse their bodies, and march through the streets of Yanaizu to Enzoji Temple, almost completely exposed toContinue reading Yanaizu Naked Man Festival: What You Need to Know

Getting to Ouchi-juku Snow Festival 2018

One of the questions I am asked the most frequently is how to reach Ouchi-juku, especially during the annual snow festival held in this historic post-town. The information about accessing this festival is predominantly written in Japanese, so I thought I would post this blog article about how to access the festival. Next year’s SnowContinue reading Getting to Ouchi-juku Snow Festival 2018

First Time Snowshoe Trekking in Fukushima

The Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture gets a huge amount of snowfall every year, making it a great region for skiiers, snowboarders, and anyone who enjoys winter sports! Last week I tried out snowshoe trekking in Urabandai. In areas with deep snow, walking in normal footwear becomes extremely difficult, so for hundreds of years JapaneseContinue reading First Time Snowshoe Trekking in Fukushima

To-no-Hetsuri: Spectacular natural rock formations

Tucked away in Shimogo town, Minamiaizu, stands To-no-Hetsuri – an area of magnificent and other-worldly rock formations carved away from years of natural erosion. If the name ‘Shimogo’ rings a bell, it is because is it the same town where Ouchi-juku – the old post town popular with visitors to Fukushima Prefecture – is located.  Continue reading To-no-Hetsuri: Spectacular natural rock formations