Miura’s Enchanting Workshop & Aizu Lacquerware

Among the winding historical streets of Aizu Wakamatsu City lies Miura Woodturning Workshop (三浦木工所). Miura Woodturning Workshop is run by Keiichi Miura, a fourth generation artisan who has been practicing woodturning for over 40 years. The Miura family is one of the few remaining families who shape wood to be used in producing Aizu Lacquerware.Continue reading Miura’s Enchanting Workshop & Aizu Lacquerware

Bonsaiya Abe – Fukushima City’s Own Bonsai Master

I visited Bonsaiya Abe around a year ago, and was lucky enough to spend time talking to Daiki Abe, the 3rd generation of the Abe family to be involved in growing bonsai trees. The Abe family have been cultivating Goyomatsu (Japanese White Pine) bonsai trees for over 90 years. Kurakichi Abe began growing bonsai fromContinue reading Bonsaiya Abe – Fukushima City’s Own Bonsai Master

Hand-made Tatami Experience in Sukagawa City

As newly built houses get smaller and the variety of cheap flooring options increases, quintessentially Japanese tatami flooring is becoming less and less of a presence in Japanese homes. Tatami has held an integral place in the hearts of Japanese people for centuries, and many people are saddened by the way the youth of JapanContinue reading Hand-made Tatami Experience in Sukagawa City

Tenkyokaku – Meiji Dress-up & Curry Buns

Tenkyokaku, a lavishly decorated former Japanese villa, lies hidden away in dense foliage surrounding Lake Inawashiro. Imperial Prince Arisugawa Takehito decided to build Tenkyokaku after being impressed by Lake Inawashiro’s beauty during a visit to Tohoku, and named it Tenkyokaku 天鏡閣 (The Palace of Heaven’s Mirror) – The palace beside a lake so deep, clear and blue thatContinue reading Tenkyokaku – Meiji Dress-up & Curry Buns