Fringed Irises at Kozoji Temple in Iwaki

When I visited Okuaizu the other day, I saw lots of beautiful ‘fringed irises’. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about flowers, but I’m pretty sure I’d never seen these flowers before coming to Japan. Seeing them in Okuaizu instantly reminded me a photograph I saw when I first moved to Fukushima Prefecture. At that time, IContinue reading Fringed Irises at Kozoji Temple in Iwaki

Shoko Kanazawa Calligraphy Art Museum in Iwaki

The Shoko Kanazawa Art Museum in Iwaki City is home to many fantastic pieces of calligraphy created by Shoko Kanazawa, an artist who was born with Down syndrome. The art museum shares its location with a kimono museum called Kimononoyakata Marusan (which contains the world’s largest kimono!) and a beautiful garden inspired by the traditionalContinue reading Shoko Kanazawa Calligraphy Art Museum in Iwaki

Aquamarine Fukushima

Aquamarine Fukushima is a fun, thought-provoking aquarium and research centre in Iwaki. Aquamarine Fukushima educates visitors about the marine animals and ecosystems found in oceans, rivers, streams, seashores, and even rice paddies, through a wide range of displays. From ‘living fossils’ – ocean creatures whose genes have hardly changed since ancient times – to recentlyContinue reading Aquamarine Fukushima