Video Feature: “Never Forget You”

I was recently featured in a video produced by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau’s Disaster Recovery Support Office.

They decided to produce a set of 3 videos exploring some issues related to post-disaster recovery & revitalization in Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture & Fukushima Prefecture. These videos all have English subtitles and some interviews are conducted in English (like mine!).

Tokyo Metropolitan Government also created a website about their videos in which they post more in-depth information about each topic or person featured in the videos.

I was really surprised to hear that I was asked to speak on behalf of Fukushima in their Fukushima video, seeing as the overseas guests for the other two prefectures are Sharla (Sharla in Japan) and Chris (Abroad in Japan), who are hugely well-known Youtube Vloggers.

The Fukushima video introduces viewers to the fishermen working on the coast of Fukushima, and how their lives have changed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

I speak at the end of the video for a short time, but the full interview with me – in which I talk about my impressions of Fukushima, my experience coming to Fukushima, and my hopes for the positive effect Fukushima may experience thanks to the Olympics –  is posted on their website, which you can see here.

It’s a short video, but it’s an interesting insight into another side of Fukushima, one that is still recovering, which I don’t have much so much opportunity to cover on this blog.

There are other interviews featured on the same website, so please have a read if you’re interested, not only of the Fukushima-related pages, but also those about Fukushima Prefecture’s neighbouring prefectures, Miyagi and Iwate.



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