Watching Exhilarating Samurais on Horseback – Soma Nomaoi

Last weekend I visited the Soma Nomaoi Festival. This 3-day festival takes place during the last weekend of July every year, and is centered around 3 main shrines in Minami Soma and Soma. It is thought that the festival has its roots in a local tradition from the 10th century, when horses were chased andContinue reading Watching Exhilarating Samurais on Horseback – Soma Nomaoi

Trying Samurai-Style on for Size

Every July, Noma Somaoi Festival (“Soma’s Wild Horse Chase”) is held in Minami Soma. Participants enter horse races and other events on horseback event, fully-dressed in samurai-style armour and gripping weapons. What makes this historical re-enactment festival even more exceptional is that there are thousands of participants and attendees, and the tradition has been carried outContinue reading Trying Samurai-Style on for Size