Ouchi-juku Snow Festival

Ouchi-juku’s breathtaking snow festival is held on the 2nd weekend of February every year in Ouchi-juku, Minamiaizu. Ouchi-juku is a town with a rich history, and is well known having been used as a ‘post-town’ for travellers during the Edo period. The area includes 33 buildings which have been painstakingly preserved as they were hundreds ofContinue reading Ouchi-juku Snow Festival

Trying Samurai-Style on for Size

Every July, there is a festival in the Soma district of Fukushima Prefecture where participants enter horse races and horseback events. This may sounds pretty tame, but every participant fully-dresses in samurai-style armour (usually armor that has been passed down from generation to generation), and gripping weapons. What makes this historical re-enactment festival even moreContinue reading Trying Samurai-Style on for Size