5 Ginkgo Tree Spots To Visit in Fukushima this Autumn

When it comes to the Japanese traditional of autumn leaf viewing, Fukushima Prefecture has so many fantastic spots to choose from. Whether the leaves of dark red maples, or bright yellow ginkgos, there are countless places worth visiting. In this post, I’ll introduce some of the famous and lesser-known ginkgo tree spots to visit thisContinue reading 5 Ginkgo Tree Spots To Visit in Fukushima this Autumn

Fukushima’s Sake Success: Celebrating with the Governor

Yesterday a special event was held by my office to celebrate Fukushima holding more gold awarded sake at the Annual Japan Sake Awards 2017 than any other prefecture in the country, for the fifth year in a row. Event attendees could try 3 different types of gold-award winning sake for only 500 yen. Every dayContinue reading Fukushima’s Sake Success: Celebrating with the Governor

Hanamiyama in Full Bloom

During the spring, Hanamiyama, and the surrounding scenery, explodes with colour and beauty. I have always associated the Japanese custom of hanami (flower viewing) with light pink cherry blossom. But at Hanamiyama, there is just so much colour! During my visit to Hanamiyama I saw Yoshino cherry blossom (someiyoshino), double cherry blossom (yaenozakura), peach blossomContinue reading Hanamiyama in Full Bloom

Fukushima’s Fighting Festival: Kenka Matsuri

I recently went to Iizaka Onsen’s Kenka Matsuri (Fighting Festival). Held on the first weekend of October every year, Iizaka Onsen’s Kenka Matsuri is one of the three biggestΒ fighting festivals in Japan. Kenka Matsuri Explained The six different areas that make up Iizaka Onsen Town each come together and compete for the favour of theContinue reading Fukushima’s Fighting Festival: Kenka Matsuri