My name is Zoë. I’m originally from Milton Keynes, UK. During the last three years I have lived in Edinburgh, Tokyo, Nagasaki and now Fukushima. My hobbies include photography, travelling, trying local specialties and learning aboutabout-photo-rediscover-fukushima Japanese culture.

I moved to Fukushima at the beginning of August, and currently work for Fukushima Prefecture Tourism and Local Products Association. My job is to travel around Fukushima Prefecture, take photographs and write articles and model day courses for the places that I think are worth visiting – to give my organisation a different perspective! I have also spoken at international events and conferences about the prefecture.

Although this blog is related to my job, the opinions I express about the places I have visited on here are 100% my own opinions!

Fukushima Prefecture has had a lot of attention in the media for the past five years, and not for the right reasons. I realised how little information there was on the Prefecture in English (except for that relating to 3.11) when trying to research for my dissertation at university, so I am really happy to have the opportunity to help my readers rediscover Fukushima.

I’m really excited to learn as much as possible about the prefecture, and I hope you join me on my journey!

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