Must-Visit Autumn Spots in Shirakawa City!

Nanko Park in Shirakawa City is such a beautiful spot to visit during autumn, and it is particularly spectacular in mid-November! Sooo, I thought it was fitting to introduce Nanko Park in this week’s blog! 1.) Nanko Park (南湖公園 Nanko Koen) The area now known as Nanko Park used to consist of wetlands, which gradually gainedContinue reading Must-Visit Autumn Spots in Shirakawa City!

Komine-jo & Japan’s Oldest Park

As well as the wide-eyed, adorable-yet-slightly-unnerving Shirakawa Daruma, Shirakawa City in Fukushima is also well-known as a cherry blossom viewing spot, and as an area with long history. Definitely consider Shirakawa City’s Komine-jo Castle and Nanko Park as places to visit during this year’s cherry blossom viewing season! Komine-jo Castle Komine-jo Castle, which overlooks Shirakawa City, was builtContinue reading Komine-jo & Japan’s Oldest Park