A Hike to the Yellow Lilies of the Oguni Marshlands

Every year in late June, bright yellow Nikko Kisuge Lilies light up Oguni Marshlands. I’ve seen many photos of these beautiful flowers since coming to Fukushima, so I was determined to go and see them for myself. Oguninuma (the name of the marshland area) is in Urabandai area, and is part of the stunning nationalContinue reading A Hike to the Yellow Lilies of the Oguni Marshlands

Goshiki-numa’s Breathtaking Blue Lakes

Summer is the perfect time to take a hike around the incredible Goshiki-numa, Urabandai. The range of colours which can be seen in the water of the picturesque lakes and ponds of this area has given it the name β€˜Goshiki-numa’, meaning β€˜Five Coloured Marshes’. The area is most well-known for its bright blue ponds, whichContinue reading Goshiki-numa’s Breathtaking Blue Lakes

First Time Snowshoe Trekking in Fukushima

The Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture gets a huge amount of snowfall every year, making it a great region for skiiers, snowboarders, and anyone who enjoys winter sports! Last week I tried out snowshoe trekking in Urabandai. In areas with deep snow, walking in normal footwear becomes extremely difficult, so for hundreds of years JapaneseContinue reading First Time Snowshoe Trekking in Fukushima