Handayama’s Heart Lake

As the long, hot summer days continue, I thought I’d write about a spring time hike I went on this year to Handayama, to the north of Fukushima! In the springtime, the picturesque heart-shaped lake at Handayama bursts into shades of pink and pastel. Bordered with stunning sakura in the spring, Handa Pond (Handa Numa)Continue reading Handayama’s Heart Lake

Autumn Leaves in Fukushima

October marks a great opportunity for visitors to Japan to hunt for the countries best Autumn leaf viewing spots. Fukushima Prefecture is no different when it comes to Autumn time. Although there are some calendars online, it is very tricky to plan a trip to see autumn leaves in Japan in advance. Jododaira A coupleContinue reading Autumn Leaves in Fukushima