Photoblog: Sannokura Highlands Sunflower Fields

I loved visited Sannokura Highlands in Kitakata City last month. I have always wanted to visit the sunflower fields there, and I managed to time my visit perfectly!

The sunflower fields are home to over 1.5 million sunflowers! They’re located at a height of 650 m above sea level, meaning it was really nice and cool at the fields, despite the summer heat.

Sannokura Highlands is actually transformed into a ski area during the winter!

Here are a few photos from my trip.

When to Visit:

For sunflowers, visit in mid-August.
For rapeseed blossom, visit from mid-May to early June.

Getting there:

It’s kind of difficult to get here by public transport. I recommend coming by car. If the main car park is full you can park and take a shuttle bus to the top.


See here for more information:
Sannokura Sunflower Fields

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