Peach Picking in Fukushima

It’s August! Which means that anyone passing along Fukushima City’s Fruit Line will be greeted with sights of countless orchards, most with trees full of bright, pink peaches. Fukushima Prefecture’s peaches are famous both at home and abroad. Fukushima’s peaches are particularly popular in countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, where they are imported byContinue reading Peach Picking in Fukushima

A day out in green, green Kawauchi

While many towns dotted across Japan are famous for local food or particular landmarks, the small village of Kawauchi is known for something pretty interesting: its frogs! This village loves frogs so much that their village mascot is a frog called Moritaro. Moritaro features on brochures and pamphlets about Kawauchi, and even makes an appearanceContinue reading A day out in green, green Kawauchi

A Hike to the Yellow Lilies of the Oguni Marshlands

Every year in late June, bright yellow Nikko Kisuge Lilies light up Oguni Marshlands. I’ve seen many photos of these beautiful flowers since coming to Fukushima, so I was determined to go and see them for myself. Oguninuma (the name of the marshland area) is in Urabandai area, and is part of the stunning nationalContinue reading A Hike to the Yellow Lilies of the Oguni Marshlands