5 Sakura Spots to Visit this Year!

This year I’m giving myself the goal of visiting 5 places in Fukushima Prefecture famous for cherry blossom which I am embarrassed to say I have not visited yet!

1) Miharu Takizakura

Despite it being the most well-known cherry blossom tree in Fukushima (and one of the most famous in Japan) I still haven’t been to visit Miharu Takizakura!! This year I need to make sure to remedy this!

  • Reasons to Visit:
    • Takizakura has been standing in Miharu Town for over 1000 years.
    • Everyone I know who has visited it says that it leaves a big impression on them.
    • A few of my colleagues and friends have said the air here feels magical.
    • The evening light-ups also give it a whole different atmosphere.
  • More info: 2018 Guide – Miharu Takizakura
  • More info: Fukushima Prefecture Tourism Association Website


2) Kannonji River Cherry Blossoms

This cherry blossom spot has been getting more popular in recent years, and I must say, I fall in love with photos I see visitors take there every spring, yet I am yet to venture to Kawageta Station to see Kannoji River’s Cherry Blossoms. The way the trees look up at night time look really magical, and I love the soft way the white bubbles of the flowing river water match the light-coloured cherry blossom.

  • Reasons to Visit:
    • It’s spectacularly beautiful and easy to get to! The cherry blossom by the river side is a short walk from Kawageta Station, on the JR Ban’etsu West Line.
    • The cherry blossom here also blooms a little later than other areas in the prefecture – often aligning with golden week.
  • More info: Fukushima Prefecture Tourism Association Website

3) Yunokami Onsen Station

The cherry blossom at Yunokami Onsen Station looks like a scene from a postcard. The blossom here looks best in mid-April – a little later than other areas in the Prefecture. This area’s cherry blossom blooms later because it is located in the mountains and in general is colder than central and coastal regions. I need to make the trip here this year…

  • Reasons to Visit:
    • Just look at those photos!
    • Yunokami Onsen Station lies on the Aizu Railways line from Aizuwakamatsu Station. This cherry blossom spot’s proximity to the station also makes it a really convenient place to visit.
    • The trip by train from Aizuwakamatsu Station to Yunokami Onsen Station is super scenic, and the cherry blossom here will  be worth the wait!
  • More info: 2 of Aizu’s Breathtaking Onsen Towns
  • More info: Fukushima Prefecture Tourism Association Website


4) Tsuruga-jo Castle Evening Light-Up

I actually visited Aizu-Wakamatsu City’s Tsurugajo Castle during cherry blossom season two years ago when I was giving a live interview for NHK. But to be honest, I was so distracted and nervous about the interview, that I really didn’t appreciate the beauty of the cherry blossom in this park!! I also headed back to the office before evening fell, and therefore have never seen the amazing cherry blossom light-up event!

  • Reasons to Visit:
    • Thousands of somei yoshino cherry blossoms fill Tsurugajo Castle Park. This is the variety of cherry blossom that Japan is most famous for.
    • The park is wide with lots of places to sit and enjoy hanami (cherry blossom view).
    • Epic photo opportunity – castles and cherry blossom?!
    • You can visit the castle during your visit too!
  • More info: Tsurugajo Castle & the Meiji Restoration
  • More info: Japan Travel & Tourism Association Website


5) Kaiseizan Park

Kaiseizan Park can be a bit difficult to. If you don’t have a car (and don’t go by taxi) then you have to take a local bus to the park, and the timetable is a little hard to access and only in Japanese! But this park is meant to be so beautiful, and I have my own car this year, so I want to make sure I actually visit Kaiseizan Park this year.

Here is a table showing  these 5 spots and how to get to them via public transport from Koriyama Station. For info on how to reach Koriyama Station, see here!


You can use the Japan Travel & Tourism Association’s website to check how in flower the cherry blossom are around Japan. Check out their page on Fukushima Prefecture here!
Need more inspiration for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) this year? Check out some of my older blogs about Fukushima Pref.’s top cherry blossom spots by clicking the map below!!


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7 thoughts on “5 Sakura Spots to Visit this Year!

  1. Sakura used to be my heart pain for many years. To be able to get the long Tokyo rotation (5 nights), as a crew member, we had to give a “date-wish-rotation” which meant first priority upon other wishes. Basically, I had to be choosing the right time, without being able to guess it with two months in advance. Once I was there, but the blossoms were already almost all dropped to the ground… I still have a dream, as I wrote to you once, to spend a few months in Japan to learn Japanese. I could plane my staying upon a long period… including the sakura time. Hugs 🙂 claudine


      1. Dear Zoë,
        I have to ask you an important question: do you know Naoto Matsumura town of Tomioka?


        I’m asking you because I wish to give him some help… but I want to be sure the money will fully get to him. I know it’s a strange request, since he lives in a contaminated place, but maybe you’re a temerarian lady and you aren’t afraid.
        Thank you very much for you honest answer.
        Hugs and serenity :-)claudine


      2. Hi Claudine. I have heard of Naoto Matsumura san before. But I have no idea where exactly he lives, how you might go about contacting him or anything like that. I also cannot speak with regards to charities or crowdfunding sites claiming to raise money for him. Perhaps the people at https://real-fukushima.com/ might be able to answer your question. Best wishes, Zoe

        Liked by 1 person

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