Handayama’s Heart Lake

As the long, hot summer days continue, I thought I’d write about a spring time hike I went on this year to Handayama, to the north of Fukushima! In the springtime, the picturesque heart-shaped lake at Handayama bursts into shades of pink and pastel. Bordered with stunning sakura in the spring, Handa Pond (Handa Numa)Continue reading Handayama’s Heart Lake

Hanamiyama in Full Bloom

During the spring, Hanamiyama, and the surrounding scenery, explodes with colour and beauty. I have always associated the Japanese custom of hanami (flower viewing) with light pink cherry blossom. But at Hanamiyama, there is just so much colour! During my visit to Hanamiyama I saw Yoshino cherry blossom (someiyoshino), double cherry blossom (yaenozakura), peach blossomContinue reading Hanamiyama in Full Bloom

Hanami & Hope in Tomioka

The Sakura Tunnel, made up of 400 cherry blossom trees that line Tomioka’s Yo no Mori district, made the area a well-known hanami (flower-viewing) spot. However, following 3.11, the fantastic cherry trees could no longer be enjoyed in the springtime. That all changed this April. This April, for the first time in 7 years, visitors haveContinue reading Hanami & Hope in Tomioka