Salvador Dali Art Museum in Stunning Japanese National Park

When I’ve spoken to friends from around the world who have visited Fukushima about their favourite places in the prefecture, this museum’s name has been brought up time and time again. So what is so special about this museum?   Salvador Dali Galore The founder of Morohashi Museum of Modern Art donated his personal artContinue reading Salvador Dali Art Museum in Stunning Japanese National Park

Aquamarine Fukushima

Aquamarine Fukushima is a fun, thought-provoking aquarium and research centre in Iwaki. Aquamarine Fukushima educates visitors about the marine animals and ecosystems found in oceans, rivers, streams, seashores, and even rice paddies, through a wide range of displays. From ‘living fossils’ – ocean creatures whose genes have hardly changed since ancient times – to recentlyContinue reading Aquamarine Fukushima

Tenkyokaku – Meiji Dress-up & Curry Buns

Tenkyokaku, a lavishly decorated former Japanese villa, lies hidden away in dense foliage surrounding Lake Inawashiro. Imperial Prince Arisugawa Takehito decided to build Tenkyokaku after being impressed by Lake Inawashiro’s beauty during a visit to Tohoku, and named it Tenkyokaku 天鏡閣 (The Palace of Heaven’s Mirror) – The palace beside a lake so deep, clear and blue thatContinue reading Tenkyokaku – Meiji Dress-up & Curry Buns