Salvador Dali Art Museum in Stunning Japanese National Park

When I’ve spoken to friends from around the world who have visited Fukushima about their favourite places in the prefecture, this museum’s name has been brought up time and time again. So what is so special about this museum?


Salvador Dali Galore

The founder of Morohashi Museum of Modern Art donated his personal art collection upon the opening of the museum in 1999 and now the museum contains almost 400 pieces of art, 332 of which are the works of Salvador Dali!

Morohashi Museum of Modern Art Urabandai Fukushima Salvador Dali (2)
Please note, you can’t take photos inside the museum – I was only able to because I came for a photoshoot!

It’s one of only a handful of museums in the world with a permanent Salvador Dali exhibition – and it’s tucked away in the middle of the Japanese countryside, in the heart of the stunning Bandai Asahi National Park.

Goshikinuma (1)

The museum’s grand architecture always catches my eye when I pass through Urabandai area, and I have had it stored on my list of places to go in Fukushima for a while. I was really happy to finally get to go earlier this year!

Morohashi Museum of Modern Art Urabandai Fukushima Salvador Dali (9)

The museum contains numerous Dali paintings and sculptures which span his artistic career. Twice a year, the museum organizes themed exhibitions as a way of showcasing the connection between certain pieces of art. When I went to visit, the Gastronomy exhibition was underway.


Designed in the image of an open-air gallery, the museum has very high ceilings, giving it a really open and light feel inside. There are a number of exhibition rooms to explore, and an English-language pamphlet available at reception gives visitors information on a number of the museum’s key pieces.

Morohashi Museum of Modern Art Urabandai Fukushima Salvador Dali (3)
Please note, you can’t take photos inside the museum – I was only able to because I came for a photoshoot!


Unique Dali-themed gift shop & workshops


The museum also includes a café where you can try out local delicacies like Yamajio Ramen (Mountain Salt Ramen), and a gift shop with lots of incredibly unique Dali-themed items!

Morohashi Museum of Modern Art Urabandai Fukushima Salvador Dali (7)

Morohashi Museum of Modern Art Urabandai Fukushima Salvador Dali (6)

There are also variety of workshops held at the museum throughout the year. During the Gastronomy exhibition there were workshops on how to make your own Dali-themed “sample food”.

Perhaps some readers are unfamiliar with Japanese sample food: in Japan, most restaurants display their menu outside the entrance – each piece a carefully crafted, incredibly accurate replica!

At this workshop, you could make some fake toast, complete with Dali style melting-clock decorations. You definitely couldn’t experience that anywhere else in Japan!


Incredible Location

I absolutely love Bandai Asahi National Park, and couldn’t think of a better – or more unusual – place for an exhibition of Dali art! Just a few minutes’ walk from the nearest hotels and the entrance to the beautiful Goshikinuma Multi-Coloured Lakes trail, Dali fans shouldn’t definitely not miss this museum on their trip to Urabandai!






More information

The museum is open between April and November every year.

Check out their English language website for information on opening hours and prices.



By bus: 25 minutes from Inawashiro Station. Take a bus heading to Goshikinuma / Bandai Kogen (五色沼・磐梯高原行) and get off at the stop Morohashi Kindai Bijyutsukan Mae (諸橋近代美術館前).

The bus stops for Goshiki-numa Iriguchi (五色沼入口) and Urabandai Royal Hotel (裏磐梯ロイヤルホテル)are also very close to the museum. For more information on reaching this area by bus, please check out the access page I created here.

By taxi : 20 minutes from Inawashiro Station

By car: 20 minutes from the Inawashiro Bandai Kogen IC


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8 thoughts on “Salvador Dali Art Museum in Stunning Japanese National Park

  1. Hi Zoe, thank you for your great tips. I am here in Fukushima, actually at the Garden Cafe just near the department store you have posted about. I know the Esther can be dodgy here, but coming from Australia I am keen on outdoor dining – well atleast having a beer.

    I have just been to the Dali Museum today! It is everything and more. The location is somewhat surreal which fits Dali. What a great thing that a benefactor creates a Museum of great works for us all to enjoy.

    Also upon your recommendations, I did the Goshiki-numa walk. I will make a comment on that post.

    And yesterday I did Azuma-Kofuji which was fabulous. As well I went up to Mt Issaikyo which was also incredible. Again I will put a comment on your post on Azuma.

    So tomorrow (Wednesday) I am provably going up to the Prefectural Art Museum. I will pop into the Reconstruction Centre office to look at the information there, I am just staying up the road.

    A closed question to finish. Did you walk into Fukushima JR about 5:00 last Saturday, with two other people?


    1. Hi Tony! Sorry for the late reply – I’m just catching up!!
      That’s so interesting that you went to the Dali Museum soon after I blogged about it!
      What did you think about Goshikinuma? So glad you enjoyed Azuma-kofuji and Mt Issaikyo. I hiked Mt Issaikyo in August as well – it was amaaaazing!

      As to whether I walked into the station or not – sorry but I can’t remember anymore!


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