Tadami Line: 5 Sights You Shouldn’t Miss

The Tadami Line is an incredibly scenic railway that runs across Aizu. autumn1

Connecting the bustling samurai city of Aizu Wakamatsu with the serene, gorgeous countryside of Oku Aizu, this route is definitely one to try out if you want a chance to see rural Japan at its best.

Although I have visited this area of Fukushima Prefecture, I’m actually yet to ride on the Tadami Line! So I’m using this blog post as an opportunity to research about the Tadami Line, and to choose some places to visit during my upcoming trip!


The 2 photos above were taken in Tadami, a rural town deep in the heart of Aizu.

The Tadami Line is great because it provides a way for visitors to see areas of this beautiful prefecture basically undiscovered by tourists. Riding the train is a fun experience in itself, as is the fact you can hop off and on at any stations you’re interested in visiting.


While being a passenger on the train means you’ll be provided with fantastic, panoramic views of the historic towns which lie on the Tadami Line, getting off at Aizu Miyashita Station, and catching the bus to Mishima Town’s observation points means you can see the train in action, passing over the stunning Tadami River Bridge.


No matter what the season, the views along the Tadami Line are absolutely breathtaking.

So far, I have gone to visit the area only in spring and summer time, but this year I definitely want to go there in autumn and winter too.

4 Seasons of the Tadami Line

Top Sightseeing Spots on the Tadami Line

1. Aizu Wakamatsu: Tsuruga-jo Castle


Fukushima’s most well known castle. Destroyed at the climax of the Boshin War, this reconstruction of the castle serves as a reminder to the people of Fukushima of their history, and the code of honour that has been at the heart of Aizu samurai society.


See more here

2. Yanaizu: Historic Enzoji Temple


Enzoji is a stunning temple with a legendary history, which has sat majestically on top of a cliff edge for over 1300 years. The temple is where the story of the akabeko – the symbol of Fukushima Prefecture began. A red cow is said to have appeared out of nowhere to assist with the building of the temple when all hope seemed to be lost.


See more here

3. Mishima: View Spot


The famous viewpoint of Tadami Bridge that crosses over Tadami River. This viewpoint is accessible from a stairway that begins outside Mishima Juku Roadside Station (道の駅尾瀬街道三島宿).


See here for more information on reaching Mishima Juku Roadside Station.

4. Kaneyama: Natural Sparkling Water Well


One of the only places in Japan where carbonated water occurs naturally. A teapot attached to the top is provided so that visitors can lower it deep into the well, collect water, fill up their own bottles with it or drink it in the cups provided!


See more here

5. Tadami: Beautiful Scenery


Oku Aizu is definitely the most rural area I’ve been to in Japan. The sight of farmers going about their daily tasks makes you realise that although we get pretty tied up in our fast-paced lives, there is something really special about being surrounded by nature.


See more here (Change the language to ‘English’ from the pull-down list on the top right)


The first stop on the Tadami Line is Aizu Wakamatsu Station, easily accessible from Tokyo or others areas in Fukushima Prefecture. See here for details about reaching Aizu Wakamatsu.

Due to part of the railway line being damaged by the earthquake of 3.11, part of the Tadami Line route has been replaced by a bus service between Aizu Kawaguchi Station and Tadami Station. But the buses leave from outside their respective stations, and the bus drivers announce their arrival clearly – so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong bus!

More Information:

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13 thoughts on “Tadami Line: 5 Sights You Shouldn’t Miss

  1. Zoe, stop posting these great stories, I can’t fit all these great places in to just a few August days in Fukushima. The Tadami Line also was on the ‘top 10’ to do, just doing the whole line in one go to get back to Tokyo from Aizu-Wakamatsu.

    But maybe stopping over in Tadami would be the go, hopping on and off along the way. That Onsen view looks sensational!

    But it looks like I will be coming back in late November for a major Disaster Risk Reduction conference in Sendai. (The early draft conference program includes field trips to Fukushima) Another few days to explore maybe.


      1. Hi Zoe, sorry I might have already replied to your questions in other posts. I stayed in Fukushima for 3 nights so in my usual way I packed a lot in to those days. I will eventually write up all the adventures.

        Saturday evening, with many thousands of others went to Sukagawa Fireworks Festival. Sunday Azusa-Kofuji and Mt Issaikyo. Monday Morohashi Museum of Art and Goshiki-numb Ponds. Tuesday Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art. All mixed in with wandering around town not quite aimlessly but sans-plan. Oh, and taking in a few adult beverages.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. When I was a high school boy, sometimes I used the Tadami line in order to see my girl friend or to see fire works. Whenever I happen to see the train, it reminds me of younger years. Population of Aizu area is getting low but rivers, mountains, tenderness of locals, and traditions remain the same. Now those things that have not changed seem to be the treasure of the area in my opinion.


  3. Hi there. Is there any shuttle bus that will take passengers from AizuMiyashita to the viewpoint mentioned above? What times do they operate?


  4. Hello
    I am interested visitiong tadami line 5 in dec 2019. we will be coming from tokyo. Any advice where to stay and how long .


    1. Hi Yenny. Thank you for the message. It’s exciting to hear about your planned trip to Fukushima! I wrote about some places you can stay on a different blog post. Please check it here: https://rediscoverfukushima.com/2018/02/14/visiting-the-tadami-river-bridge-viewpoint/

      Also , there will be a new guest house opening in Mishima Town next month which is being opened with guests from abroad in mind. I will post information on my blog when I find out more information.


      1. Hi Zoe, thanks for your information
        We are still planning to see Tadami line end of this year. How is my itinerary, can you give some suggestions.
        Day 1 Tokyo to aizu wakamatsu after sight seeing in that area. leaving for aizu miyashita , to stay the night at aizu miyashita or mashima town (waiting for your info if they have open a new guess house)
        Day 2 morning at 7:35 am catch bus from aizu miyashita to mashima town to see the train view poin. Leaving mashima 10:20 am for tadami then stay a night somewhere (do you have any suggestion)
        Day 3 try to find a way to nagano to see snow monkey. (Do you know how to get to nagano from tadami. Stay overnight in nagano or kanazawa.

        P.S i have tried to look for place to stay in aizu miyashita (sokokashiko ryokan) . Still working on how to reserve a room 🙂

        Thanks and appreciate your attention


      2. Hi Yenny.

        It looks like Sokokashiko Guesthouse is on AirBnB

        About your plan…
        Day 1: Looks good.

        Day 2: The bus from Aizu Miyashita Station now leaves at 8:10 AM. (I will change the details in this blog post – they are a bit old).
        The bus from Michi no Eki back to Aizu Miyashita Station leaves at 10:20 AM, as you wrote. Please remember to reserve this bus at Michi no Eki. See here for details: https://rediscoverfukushima.com/2018/02/14/visiting-the-tadami-river-bridge-viewpoint/
        You will arrive back at Aizu Miyashita at 10:30 AM. But the next train to Tadami doesn’t leave until 2:30 PM. So you have some time to explore the town or take a taxi around.
        The Tadami Line timetable is not very regular so please make sure to check in advance. (1 train every 4 hours).

        Places to stay in Tadami Town near Tadami Station, with English booking websites:
        Yunoyado Matsuya https://travel.rakuten.com/hotel/Japan-Fukushima_Prefecture-Tadami-Yunoyado_Matsuya/19372/
        Tadami So https://travel.rakuten.com/hotellist/Japan-Fukushima_Prefecture-Tadami?adults=2&limit=20&offset=0&rooms=1

        Day 3: From Tadami Station to Nagano Station:
        1) Tadami Sta. to Koide Sta. (Tadami Line),
        2) Koide Sta. to Urasa Sta. (Joetsu Line),
        3) Urasa Sta. to Takasaki Sta. (Joetsu Shinkansen),
        4) Takasaki Sta. to Nagano Sta. (Hokuriku Shinkansen).
        It takes 4 hours 30 min


  5. Hi Zoe,

    Thank you so much for your information how to get to tadami view point, also because of your web we were able to book a ryokan in the mishima town. We are planning to go there during winter in Feb 2020 to take picture of the tadami line bridge. Can’t wait to go there. Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

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