Fukushima’s Cherry Blossom Season 2018

I put together this guide for those planning to view the sakura (cherry blossom) in Fukushima Prefecture in 2018 to give visitors an idea of the best times to go do some hanami (flower-viewing)!

This guide should also serve as a useful guide for those planning a visit in the future to get better acquainted with the amazing sakura spots in Fukushima Prefecture, and the order that the sakura blooms across the prefecture.

Fukushima Prefecture’s Climate

Fukushima is huge. It’s the 3rd biggest prefecture in Japan (it’s bigger than Jamaica or Lebanon!)

The prefecture is made up of three different areas – Aizu, Nakadori and Hamadori. Aizu is mountainous & colder throughout the year, Nakadori also has many mountains, but is pretty temperate, & Hamadori enjoys warmer temperatures throughout the year.

The areas that make up this huge prefecture have varying climates and so – when it comes to seasonal flowers – the peak blossoming times can vary quite dramatically across the prefecture!

Cherry blossoms bloom earliest in the southeast of the prefecture in Hamadori, and latest in the southwest in Aizu. If you recorded the blooming order on a map, it would look something like the map below.


The best days for viewing the top cherry blossom sites in full bloom are being announced every day, and I will be updating this page as frequently as possible to include up-to-date information for this hanami season!

Cherry Blossom Viewing in 2018

This year’s cherry blossom are expected to bloom earlier than normal.

I’ve tried to sort the spots below in order of early blooming to late blooming. I’ve also listed the transportation necessary for reaching the spots.

For up-to-date information on how the sakura at each of the areas below are doing, please look at this webpage.

This webpage is in Japanese, but even so it is easy to check how much the blossom is blooming. Each cherry blossom’s current blossoming state is denoted in the column called “満開状況 (Cherry Blossom Blooming Status)”. Please use the table below to cross-reference the information on the website.


Early to Mid April


1. Hanamiyama Park, Fukushima City

train bus car

Suggested Visit Dates: Mid-March to Early-May

Full Bloom*: April 5~8


Read more about visiting Hanamiyama Park during hanami season here

2. Kasumiga-jo Castle Park, Nihonmatsu City

train bus car

Kasumiga-jo Park Sakura Cherry Blossom

Full Bloom*: April 11

For more information about Kasumiga-jo Castle Park, please see here!

3. Kassenba Weeping Cherry Blossom, Nihonmatsu City


Read more about Kassenba here!

4. Ogawa Suwa Shrine, Iwaki City


Ogawa Suwa Shrine Sakura Cherry Blossom

 Read more about Ogawa Suwa Shrine here!

5. Yonomori Park Sakura Tunnel, Tomioka Town

train car

Tomioka Yo no Mori Park Sakura Cherry Blossom

Evening light-ups between April 6 – 16

 Read more about Yonomori Park here!



1. Kaiseizan Park, Koriyama City

train bus car

Kaiseizan Park Koriyama Sakura Cherry Blossom

Suggested Visit Dates: Mid-April

Full Bloom*: April 6 ~ April 11

Read more about Kaiseizan Park here!

2. Miharu Takizakura, Miharu Town

train bus car

Miharu Takizakura Sakura Cherry Blossom

Check out a live-camera view of Miharu Takizakura on Miharu Town’s website here!

Read more about Takizakura here!

Mid-April to Late April


1. Tsuruga-jo Castle

train bus car

Tsuruga-jo Castle Sakura Cherry Blossom

Full Bloom*: Around April 16

Read more about visiting Tsuruga-jo Castle here!

2. Nicchu Line Weeping Cherry Blossom, Kitakata City


Nicchu Sen Line Sakura Cherry Blossom

Read more about the Nicchu Line here!

3. Ishibe Sakura, Aizu Wakamatsu City


Ishibe Sakura Cherry Blossom

Read more about Ishibe Sakura here!

4. Natsui Senbon Zakura, Tamura City


Natsuisenbon Sakura Cherry Blossom

Read more about Natsui Senbon Zakura here!

5. Ozawa Sakura, Tamura City


Ozawa no Sakura Tamura Sakura Cherry Blossom

6. Yunokami Station Sakura, Yunokami Onsen Town

train car

Yunokami Station Sakura Cherry Blossom

Read more about Yunokami Station here!

7. Kagami Sakura, Kitakata City


Kagami Sakura Sakura Cherry Blossom

Read more about Kagami Sakura here!

Late April to Early May


1. Koshidai no Sakura, Furodono Town


Koshidai Sakura Cherry Blossom

Read more about Koshinodai Sakura here!

2. Kannon-ji River, Kitakata City

train car

Kannonji River Sakura Cherry Blossom

Read more about Kannon-ji River’s sakura here!

Early May


1. Nansenji no Roumon, Minamiaizu Town


Nansenji no romon

*Please note that the Full Bloom dates listed below are approximations from a couple of different sources!

Want even more ideas for your spring visit to Fukushima? Check out the sakura map below. The colour of the sakura indicates how early it should blossom. Click each spot for estimates for best times to visit, photos and more. (I’m updating this as much as possible!)


I really hope you feel inspired to visit the cherry blossom spots in Fukushima this year 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Fukushima’s Cherry Blossom Season 2018

    1. Hi Amy, thank you for such a lovely comment. Fukushima is really beautiful during any season, but cherry blossom season is especially spectacular – especially when you compare how relaxed it is compared to very crowded sakura spots in Tokyo / Kyoto etc


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