Between Osaka Station and Koriyama Station

  • Takes between 4.5 and 5 hours per way
  • Costs around 30,000 yen (depending on your flight provider)

There are 4 flights a day from Osaka’s Itami Airport to Fukushima Airport, which make getting to Fukushima pretty convenient.

  • Itami Airport (also known as Osaka International Airport) can be reached by airport bus by Osaka Station.
  • Fly from Itami Airport into Fukushima Airport, then take the airport bus to Koriyama. This route is likely to take around 4.5 to 5 hours per way including a bit of waiting time at the airport.
  • Of course, prices and length of time ranges dramatically depending on the flight you book from Itami Airport. That being said, it’s likely that the cost of the airport buses plus a one-way flight will cost around 30,000 yen.

Between Osaka Station and Fukushima Station

Approx. cost p.p. (one way)Time taken (Approx)
Train & shinkansen21,000 yenBetween 4 hours 45 min and 5 hours 15 min
Night bus (via Tokyo)Between 14,000 & 18,000 yenAround 10.5 hours
Night bus12,700 yen11.5 hours

By train and shinkansen

This is the quickest and easiest route for travelling between Osaka and Fukushima.

  • If you are a JR Rail Pass holder, this is probably the best option for you. Travelling to Fukushima Station from Osaka Station via train and Shinkansen takes around 5 hours 15 minutes (Or 4 hours 45 minutes if you don’t use the JR Rail Pass).
  • From Osaka Station, take the JR Kyoto Line Rapid Service to Shin-Osaka Station. From there, change to a shinkansen bound for Tokyo. The Nozomi is the fastest train to Tokyo, taking 2.5 hours, but JR Rail Pass holders can’t take the Nozomi, so should use an alternative train such as the Hikari, which takes 3 hours.
  • From Tokyo, change to the Tohoku Shinkansen Line, and take the train to Fukushima Station (or Koriyama Station).
  • This route will cost those without a JR Rail Pass around 21,000 yen.

By night bus (via Tokyo)

  • If you want to stop off in Tokyo on your way to Fukushima, don’t mind spending more time on public transport, and want to make your travel a bit cheaper, then taking a night bus from Osaka Station might be a good option.
  • Night buses run to Tokyo Station, Akihabara Station and other locations in Tokyo.
  • There are a number of night buses to choose from. All need to be reserved in advance, and most of which can be reserved / paid for online.
  • Kintetsu Bus lists information on their website, and Willer Bus is also good and has an English language website and booking system.
  • Cost of buses change depending on how far in advance tickets are bought, and which bus company is used.
  • If you were to go straight from the night bus to Fukushima, the whole trip would take around 10.5 hours (assuming you boarded the bus in Osaka at 22:45, arrived at 6:30 in Tokyo and took the 7:08 Shinkansen to Fukushima Station, arriving at 8:45).
  • See here for information on getting to Fukushima from Tokyo.

By night bus

  • Fukushima Transportation runs a direct night bus from Osaka and Fukushima Station. The bus takes 11.5 hours and leaves Umeda at 20:50, arriving at Fukushima Station the following morning at 8:24. You need to book this bus in advance.
  • The bus is pretty long, but it costs just 12,700 yen per way.
  • You can book tickets online (all in Japanese), or directly at Fukushima Station East Exit Bus Information Center, Koriyama Station Bus Information Center, and Kintetsu Bus Offices at stations in Osaka City.
  • Bus stop locations

Between Osaka Station and Iwaki Station

  • Takes 11 hours
  • Costs around 11,400 yen per way

Shinjoban Transportation (Shinjoban Kotsu) and Kintetsu Busrun an expressway night bus between Osaka Station and Iwaki Station.

Please note that all prices and times listed on this page are approximations

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